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What Should I Do Before Any Treatments?

For any of these types of treatment you should avoid any form of tanning 4-6 weeks before treatment. This includes spray tans, solariums and sun tans. Also avoid waxing, plucking, depilatory creams and electrolysis at lease 4-6 weeks before your appointment. We request you shave the area being treated 3 days before your IPL appointment.

For the best Microdermabrasion results a skin consultation is conducted before your treatment and will allow your therapist to assess your skin for this type of procedure. It’s best to avoid sunbathing, waxing and peels 72 hours before this procedure. There are also contra-indications of using Retinol based products.

Are They All Safe?

Yes. All these treatments are very safe and performed by Sydney’s most qualified, skilled & experienced staff. Ensuring your procedure is administered correctly is important, however, you must provide accurate data to us before each session, and that our recommendations for pre and post care are followed.

They are not painful procedures either, and for IPL the new cooling system technology on our machine minimises any redness or discomfort compared to normal laser hair removal options.

In the case of Microdermabrasion, there is no downtime making them an ideal session in lunch-time or after work.


IPL (intense pulsed light, often referred to as laser hair removal) is an effective procedure that deals with hair reduction and skin treatments such as reducing pigmentation and spider veins. The new and improved technology now offers a contact cooling on the skin minimising any redness or discomfort during the hair removal process for the best results possible. This is a newer type of technology than traditional laser hair procedures.



Bikini 49
G-string 69
French 89
Brazilian 99
Brazilian & underarms 119
Anus 49
Buttocks 99
Full leg 279
Upper leg 169
Lower leg 149
Full leg & bikini 299
Full leg & Gstring 309
Full Leg & French 329
Full leg & Brazillian 339
Feet & toes 49
Back of neck 49
Front of neck 49
Full back & shoulders 229
1/2 back 159
Full arm 169
Upper arm 99
Lower arm 99
Underarm 49
Hands & fingers 49
Stomach 79
Snail trail 39
Areola 49
Face 69
1/2 Leg & bikini 169
Sides of face 49
Upper lip 39
Chin 39
Lip & chin

Buttocks 119
Full leg 379
Upper leg 269
Lower leg 249
Feet & toes 49
Back of neck 79
Front of neck 79
Shoulders 79
Full back 269
1/2 back 199
3/4 back 249
Full back & shoulders 299
Full arm269
Upper arm 149
Lower arm 149
Underarm 59
Hands & fingers 49
Chest 159
Stomach 99
Chest & stomach 249
Snail trail 49
Areola 59
Face 169
Head 199
Nose 19
Sides of face 69
Ears 49
Upper lip 39
Lip & chin 79

What Happens After My Sessions?

The area may be slightly red for a few hours.

For the first 48 hours, avoid the sun, exfoliation and tight clothing as these can irritate the area. Do not wax of tweeze your hair between procedures as this encourages growth and strength. We recommend shaving the area. You may find you require only 3-4 visits, or you may require 6-10 visits over a 6-12 month period, depending on your skin type, hair type and previous ipl / laser hair removal history.


Our IPL skin rejuvenation deals are perfect if you want to improve:

  • Pigmentation spots, freckles and sun damaged skin
  • Unsightly small veins and capillaries
  • Fine lines, open pores and skin texture
  • Rosacea, facial blushing and other diffuse redness
  • Acne scarring

Spot treatment from $89

Full face $179

What Happens After My Treatment?

The area may be slightly red for a few hours. If you are being treated for sun-damage, brown marks initially darken for a few weeks and then gradually flake off with using your moisturizing creams. For the first 48 hours, avoid the sun, exfoliation and tight clothing as these can irritate the area.

The sessions are perfect as a lunch-time or after-work anti-aging ‘face-lift’ as you can go back to work afterwards. You may find you require up to 6 sessions, depending on the areas to be treated and the extent of desired results.


This is an effective way to gently exfoliate the skin by removing the outer layer, revealing your newer, younger skin underneath. After your treatment your skin will feel smoother and have improved texture. This effect will last for several weeks whilst your skin develops a new stratum corneum layer. Your treatment starts with a full lymphatic drainage treatment before the device sprays tiny crystals across your face to lightly abrade the surface then suction is performed to remove the dead skin cells and the remaining crystals.

Our Microdermabrasion deals are perfect if you want to:

  • minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduce pigmentation (age spots or brown spots) and other superficial skin blemishes
  • minimise the appearance of enlarged pores
  • reduce blackheads
  • minimise acne scarring
  • improve your skin tone and texture

Single Session (includes lymphatic drainage)$99

Series Of 6 ($495) – Price Per Session $82.50

What Happens After My Session?

For the first 24 hours, avoid the sun and any forms of exfoliation as these can irritate the area. During the first 24 hours after your treatment your skin may feel a little dry, similar to slight windburn or sunburn. Avoid sun exposure for the next 7 days or wear a quality SPF30+ sunscreen in between your appointments, and follow your post-care instructions.